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Stefano Babini

Stefano Babini

Student at the Institute of Art for the Mosaic of Ravenna, he began his activity in the world of comics as an inker for some erotic titles of Edifumetto.

He worked for Sergio Bonelli publishing company and collaborated with Gazzetta dello Sport.

Gian Marco Battistini

Gian Marco Battistini lives and works in Milan.

Born in 1996, he is graduating at Accademia di Brera.

His art deals with serious, sometimes heavy topics, but with the gracefulness of his watercolor makes everything simple and suave.

The great sense of color, of the (no) proportions and the originality of the subjects make this talented guy, an artist with great opportunities.

Gabriele Grones

He was born in Arabba in 1983. He attended the “Leonardo da Vinci” artistic high school in Belluno, but ended his last year at the Venice Art High School.

He later studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he obtained a master degree in arts.

Since 2005 he has exhibited in Italy and abroad, collaborating continuously with the Galerie MZ of Augsburg in Germany and the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York.

He has exhibited at the 54th edition of Biennale di Venezia and at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

He lives between Rovigo and New York.

Matteo Lucca - Artista

Matteo Lucca

Matteo Lucca lives and works in Forlì, Italy.

He took his high school diploma at the Forlì’s Institute of Art and then he graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna together with Nicola Samorì and other important names of the Italian art scene.

His research appears from the earliest works focused on the human body and face, showing a ‘inclination to eclecticism in the experimentation of various materials such as lead, copper, iron and fabrics and only ultimately landing on bread.

The statues of bread are cooked in an oven that the artist has built specifically for this project, in molds modeled by his own hands, making this work totally authentic and complete in its process of conception and realization.

Lucia Bubilda Nanni - Artista

Lucia Nanni

Lucia Bubilda Nanni, lives and works in Ravenna.

She studied philosophy, she draws with the sewing machine, designs clothes, loves insects.

For her work she uses a mechanical sewing machine, model Bernina 1008.
She realizes her artworks using an unusual technique that is made of sewing on hemp, cotton, organza or tulle, getting real flush designs.

It is possible to see how she draws with her sewing machine following this link

NemO's - Street Artist


NemO’S, Bogotà 1986, muralist for years present on the scene of Italian and international street art

The figures of NemO’S, in which we feel all the malaise, the degradation, the discomfort of our society and of modern man, are always strong and sometimes disturbing images: flabby and skinny skin, lost eyes, desperate, looking helpless a world in decomposition. Sparse figures, containers of emotions that are given less weight.

It is easy to be fascinated by his character, no matter if the impact causes bother or curiosity, certainly his images are not indifferent. His “naked man” is the final product of a long journey of reflection, research and experimentation. The goal is to obtain, in figurative form, the representation of suffering and social difficulty.

The protagonist of his stories contorts, observes, pierces and even gets mutilated: fear and intolerance are extreme, just like space and society that devour him, absorb it, transform it.

“Regarding what I design, my controversial nature and not completely serene, leads me to conceive the humanoid characters that are the protagonists in my drawings. The social condition, the constant contradictions, the hypocrisies, the nauseating respectability have led me to develop a reaction of apathy and depression towards the human being and the society in which we are forced to live. I am an observer of human dualities with a fondness for macabre humor and cynicism. On the other hand a sense of wonder pervades me to the human potential tempered by disgust for our weakness and folly. My characters are the graphic translation of what I feel and what I feel every day. I tried to imprison the fatigue, the sadness, the anxieties and the disgust in the soft and deformed bodies of my drawings, hiding the humiliating human condition among the wrinkles of those flaccid flesh. The scenes I represent are paradoxes, nightmares that help me to describe scenes of real life and a world full of contradictions “.

The art of NemO’S is fundamental today: its ability to tell our condition in the most raw and sincere way is exactly what contemporary art should always do.

We can not pretend to live in a just world, where good feelings reign, because it simply is not so. If art, as well as telling, must ask the right questions, NemO’S questions are thrown in the face, because already (self) consciousness would be an epochal change. If we were always conscious of the situation we live, perhaps we would tend to change (and improve) our condition.

ROU Materiaal

ROU Materiaal was founded in 2013 by the meeting of Marzia De Lorenzi, architect and Monica Cortesi, former managers, both united by a great passion for art, design and a strong bond with Paris.

ROU Materiaal born from the desire of Marzia and Monica to explore the world of “doing with hands” and freeing their creativity still unexpressed, experimenting on various materials for custom projects. Surfaces become research grounds.

Research and experimentation are concentrated on large linen canvases and on wooden planks. The resins and the acrylics are the main means, to which over time the stucco and the cement are added.

The worked surfaces of ROU Materiaal evoke the stones. The link between a “primitive” material world and the search for contemporary shapes and textures represent the leitmotif of ROU Materiaal’s poetics.

Rou Materiaal designs and manufactures, in Italy, unique pieces of art-design with an eclectic use.

Matteo Sbaragli

Matteo Sbaragli was born in Forlì in 1980. He attended the Art School of Ravenna and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

In 2005 he founded the group ” Mandra ”, together with other young artists from Forlì. The name alludes in a self-deprecating way to a massing of cattle or a group of despicable people.

The group is united by a neo-futurist rebellion and carries out a desecrating activity towards the local artistic situation, through activities in the fields of conceptual art, video art, and installation.

He moved to Berlin and for ten years he was an artist with an exclusive contract for the famous Opera Gallery, which led him to exhibit all over the world: Dubai, New York, Paris and Montecarlo. His artworks are part of some of the most prestigious private collections all over the world.

He has recently returned to live in Italy.

Alessandro Turoni

Alessandro Turoni lives and works in Forlì, Italy.

He began his artistic training at the Institute of Art in Forlì, where he approached plastic and painting techniques.

He studied Scenography for the melodrama at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he developed, in addition to the manual skill of the theatrical work, also a design methodology.

After graduating he began working as an assistant set designer, collaborating in numerous productions, including abroad.

In 2013, pursuing his passion for art and manual work, he made his first zoomorphic sculptures, choosing the animal and vegetable world as his artistic subject.

Today he teaches Digital Modeling at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna and continues his personal artistic research.

anna stella zucconi - artista

Anna Stella Zucconi

Anna Stella Zucconi lives and works in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

In her original, contemporary designs and the great expressive value is absolutely clear “the love for Schiele and Basquiat but also a similarity with the early Warhol drawings of the ’50s, found in 2011 by the German gallery owner Daniel Blau and less known to the great public.”

bibbito - artista magazzeno art gallery

Pupo Bibbito

Bibbito was born and raised in Parma and Reggio Emilia. He has grown up in a family full of creative ideas but is in the street that he learned and developed his artistic techniques.

For several years he participated in contests and important events, exhibitions dedicated to writing and street art. He has always engaged in works across Europe to experience new adventures with friends who share the same passion, seeking stimuli and new artistic projects.

Nicola Montalbini

Nicola Montalbini

Nicola Montalbini was born in Ravenna on July 30th 1986.
He studied at Liceo Artistico ‘P.L.Nervi’ in Ravenna and Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.

For many years he has been interested in dinosaurs and other extinct animals, favorite subjects of his works.

Personal Exhibition: Quando i dinosauri erano galline, 2013; Achiropita, 2017; Scatole, 2017.

Linda Landi e Luca Maggio wrote about him.

Doreen McCarthy - opere

Doreen McCarthy

Doreen McCarthy is a sculptor based in New York City whose work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, China and Japan since 1985.

Throughout her career she has received grants, awards and residencies as Edward Albee Foundation to Santa Fe Art Institute and Gropiusstadt in Berlin.

She has had numerous solo projects including LMAK Gallery, NYC;  Heskin Contemporary, NYC;  Galerie Junger, Shanghai; Indiana University Institute of Art and Design and the foyer of a Philip Johnson building in Berlin, to name a few.

“My work is a consequential step of giving form to space and imagination. The sculptures are about how to change something in a way that keeps the before, after and intervening transformation equally visible. I explore scale, building and modeling of objects, translucency and the absence and presence of objecthood”

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